A Genre-Crossing
PNW Fantasy Experience

~ My IC = Currently a Fremont(Seattle) hotel with Cats
~ Happy to host elsewhere with notice/deposit
~ Donation: Cash and Apple Pay Preferred, more options for regular friends
~ Please text me as far in advance as possible <3
~ Niches: Nerdy girls with body hair, gfe, cw, spiritual, cfs, private videos, soft femdom
~ If I run specials I’ll definitely pin a tweet about it!

Tailored Experiences

I have a wide scope of interests, and my screening form allows you to narrow these down to include only things you like in your story!

Check my Yes list to see if it can be covered in our first session! Some scenarios I prefer to play out with people I’ve already played with and are omitted. I do not provide fully natural experiences

Player Comfort Comes First

As an awkward nerd, I sympathise with other people who may not have many/great social experiences

I am always happy to clarify, and will always voice discomfort, and hope to get the same from you!


I don’t discriminate on basis of race, disability, age, or neurodiversity, and am happy to make accommodations to make your visit discreet and easy so you can explore in peace

I do have cats, and also have an allergen-free storage area for your belongings to minimize exposure

A DM Experience as Unique as You Are


While in my domain, you’re genuinely appreciated and cared for, and I understand lines can blur

My characters and I will never tell you we love you, even in the context of roleplay. I will also never give compliments you don’t deserve, or make promises I cannot keep

You deserve to feel loved and appreciated, but I will never string you along. Games are meant to be fun!