Things to know:nFor the first several transactions, besides deposits, I only accept cash or pre-negotiated trades for custom worknThe cats have a better sense of time than me 😅 nI have Long-Covid induced narcolepsy. If I stop answering I probably passed out for a while. For some reason this is one of those chronic things that will let you make it through planned events. This will NOT affect our meeting, but don’t be afraid to remind menDo: Make yourself comfortable! Relax, have a cup of teanThe door will be open for you when you arrivenPlease place my donation on the offering  plate by the tvnGive yourself  a light wash, including under the foreskin 😏nSeriously, relax!n n n nWhy can’t I contact you?nEither I wasn’t able to get to the communique within a reasonable window, or you’ve asked repeatedly for things I’m not comfortable with.n