Tuesday Tales: Prom Night Sloppy Seconds

Truly, it was an unforgettable night. K, his friend A, his girlfriend B, and I shared a hotel room. Two queen beds, and a healthy sense of voyeurism and exhibition on both sides of the narrow little aisle. I loved hearing B’s little gasps as she was plowed, her healthy tits and ass juggling and rippling with every forceful thrusts. That, and K’s talented tongue working at me only made my cries louder, until I readjusted, using his cock down my throat to muffle my cries so I could hear hers.nnI reached my umpteenth orgasm on my knees, chest pressed to the mattress as I was filled. Panting, I heard B whine about what a shame it was that I’d stopped making those noises. While I gathered my senses back together, I heard a muffled discussion that included my name, and thought I was just imagining things.nnas I started to arch my back up, a smaller, softer hand than K’s pushed me back down, her other hand pressing against my ass to tilt it further up. I could feel the cum dribbling down my legs, only to be slurped up by a curious tonguenn“You two taste good together,” she whispered in my ear, before giving a painfully slow lick up the length of my cunt (just missing the clit??? How dare).nnAnd then she dove in in earnest, licking and sucking and coaxing the cum out of me, spreading my legs further as she greedily and shamelessly slurped me clean . I heard the boys comment, but couldn’t focus on what they were saying, not when this chubby ebony Venus Was being so much more important, using her fingers to pull out what she could in a totally shameless display.nnand she and I would go on to have so much fun together….